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Top 10 Freight Management Companies - 2020

In the modern days, as the world shrinks into the palm of our hands, the importance of freight expands. With this background, freight management proves indispensable for many companies across the globe. An effective freight management system provides companies several shipping benefits and reduces delays for consumers. As freight management can save lots of money by investing in the appropriate logistics software package and implementing great strategies, it is vital to be aware of the trends and challenges in the field of freight management.

A significant trend in freight management is the single window usage into logistics and operations. It is an essential development in the field, as an integration of platform will minimize the problems by means of analytics, and could be used to improve operations with new insights. Another important trend in the top of freight management field is the crowdsourcing of last-mile logistics. This development effectively gives access to private fleets and individual drivers, avoiding the strain caused by driver shortage and capacity crunch. Further, one of the most exciting developments in freight management is the blockchain technology. This dramatically increases the trust between companies as it streamlines payment processing and reduces compatibility issues within systems.

When the discussed trends serve to picture the tip of an iceberg of freight management, there is still an ocean of new solutions available in the market. As companies might get lost in the array of solutions, our distinguished panel, comprising key decision-makers and experts along with Logistics Tech Outlook editorial board, has shortlisted some of the most effective freight management solution providers.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Freight Management Companies - 2020

    Top Freight Management Companies

  • Driven by a mission to revolutionize shipping with modern FreighTech, BlueX allows carriers to offer integrated trade services to shippers in a more robust, holistic way with advanced technology at the helm. Through its carrier-based services, BlueX is empowering shippers and freight forwarders with digital services to gain a competitive edge in the market. BlueX brings connected valued-added services to the table to allow carriers to provide shippers with everything they need, be it insurance, customs, tracking, and warehousing

  • FreightWeb Services mission is to meet the needs of shippers shipping 2,500 to 25,000 lbs better than anyone else. The company provides great service (which is rare in our market) and lower prices to customers shipping Partial Truckload quantities of freight. While the rest of the industry charges customers to move trucks; FreightWeb's business model, network, and technology were designed from the ground up to do this efficiently, handling customers'​ freight as though it were their own, so that the company can save the customers and the planet, one less truck at a time.

  • Titan Solutions is a logistics and supply chain company which uses leading-edge technology to address complex supply chain issues. Through its multi-carrier technology platform, the company enforces strict operational and financial control over entire freight networks irrespective of carriers, services or carrier systems involved to drive better decisions throughout the customer organizations. The company delivers its capabilities throughout a range of exciting areas by employing a consultative engagement to establish a thorough understanding of its customers business challenges and follow this up with clearly defined time-phased onboarding plans and steering committee oversight

  • Advanced Transportation Systems

    Advanced Transportation Systems

    ATS Logistics offers logistics services, which has strategically partnered with 40+ local, regional, and national LTL carriers to get the freight delivered from point A to point B. The company offers transportation into national, international markets & assist with planning, coordinating, and executing. With more focus on provision of customer service, deep discounts on freight charges, and attention to the details that shipment requires. ATS has knowledgeable sales staff that provides face-to-face support, as well as, a team of truckload and LTL operations support, that are reachable by phone, or email, 24/7

  • ArcBest


    ArcBest delivers integrated logistics solutions for a variety of supply chain challenges. With a relentless focus on meeting customer needs, The company provides solutions that simplify shipping and logistics. With a relentless focus on meeting customers’ needs and unique access to guaranteed transportation capacity, ArcBest create solutions to even the most complex supply chain challenges. ArcBest are focused on providing the best customer experience possible with seamless access to a broad suite of logistics capabilities, including truckload, LTL, ocean and air, ground expedite, managed transportation and warehousing.

  • Cerasis


    Cerasis understands that freight procurement can be tricky and time-consuming, and shippers are under a lot of pressure to reduce overall costs and provide data visibility to leadership. Shippers want greater control and better visibility into shipping spend and processes. Cerasis starts with a deep discover call to understand the transportation footprint and goals. Then it creates a personalized Shipper Cost Analysis Report, build Shipping Efficiency Blueprint and train the team to successfully leverage company's Transportation Management System, the Cerasis Rater, a web-based surface-mode shipping portal handling LTL, Full Truckload, parcel, and intermodal moves.

  • FreightPros


    FreightPros is a licensed freight broker that specializes in LTL, full truckload and small parcel shipping. Located in Austin, TX, the FreightPros team services customers throughout North America and is dedicated to finding an affordable and reliable means to transport these important goods. FreightPros constantly strive to improve its technology to make its customers'​ processes simpler, more efficient, and less costly. The company is able to service its customers so effectively because of the amazing team that have been assembled and is dedicated to fulfilling customers'​ varied and complex demands.

  • Hanson Logistics

    Hanson Logistics

    Hanson Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider in temperature-controlled supply chain services, with a seasoned management team, state-of-the-art transportation services, and one of the largest privately-held refrigerated warehouse networks in the country, Hanson designs, executes and manages best-of-class solutions. Customers of Hanson, benefits from empowered management at all facilities, assuring faster decision-making and excellent day-to-day performance. Hanson's technology delivers added value by allowing clients to monitor and proactively manage supply chain activities across the warehousing, transportation and distribution services.

  • iContainers


    iContainers is a digital platform that’s fueling the future of freight services, on a mission to make the international trade industry more transparent and turnkey. Its platform allows users to browse freight services, shipping rates, and scheduling times, with an option for door-to-door pickup – so that businesses can save time, money and improve on their bottom line. iContainers serves more than 250,000 ocean trade routes to more than 300 sites in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Africa. Founded in 2007 by Iván Tintore and Carlos Hernández, iContainers is headquartered in Miami with offices around the world.

  • Landstar


    Landstar is a provider of safe, secure and reliable transportation services delivered by the company's unique network of small business owners. Independent agents and capacity providers operating under the Landstar umbrella enjoy the strength and support of one of the industry’s most stable and successful companies. Landstar's network of independent entrepreneurs provide customers with personalized service at the local level with the global reach and resources of a multi-billion dollar company. With 1,300 agents, 10,000+ leased owner operators, 16,000+ trailers and 68,000+ other approved capacity providers, The company has solutions to all transportation challenges