Intelligent Audit: A 360° Approach to Transportation Savings

Intelligent Audit: A 360° Approach to Transportation Savings

Scott Langley, President, Intelligent AuditScott Langley, President
With the experience and expertise Scott Langley possesses in the logistics space, the President of Global Sales and Strategy at Intelligent Audit has no problem in zeroing down on the worries of CIOs in today’s logistic companies. “He brings over 25 years of transportation and logistics sales management, supply chain and software development experience to the team at Intelligent Audit, which offers its clients a comprehensive solution for global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment and business intelligence reporting. We have grown from a small parcel audit solution into one of the largest freight auditors in the marketplace,” Langley said.

Founded by Langley and Chief Executive Officer Joseph “Yosie” Lebovich in 1996, Intelligent Audit provides freight payment solutions and small parcel shipment software that acts as one-stop shop for improving businesses for organizations. “We have a very sophisticated and robust freight payment solution that allows us to manage and audit a tremendous amount of information quickly,” Langley said. Intelligent Audit offers freight payment services as a logical extension of its core audit and recovery business. The company provides a plug and play platform that enables the customers to look at the operational side of their business rather than understanding the carrier requirements. “One thing that our customers boast about our company is the ability to integrate with the carriers,” said Langley. The company offers a single mend payment solution against the traditional method of making multiple payments, which allows carriers to receive funds quickly. The solution offered by Intelligent Audit becomes a warehouse of all its customers’ transportation data by capturing information in one centralized repository. It allows customers to not only analyze the specific details regarding their freight spend but also to construct tools for the work optimization class associated with shipment.

We are focusing on analytics to provide easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy Cloud and Web based solutions

“We are focusing on analytics to provide easy to use and quick to deploy Cloud and Web-based solutions,” explains Langley.

Intelligent Audit does not deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. They understand their clients’ demands and offer customized services to help them overcome a wide range of challenges. One of their clients is a large international retailer of apparel and home fashions. The company was in search of a way to reduce transportation costs, grow the number of carrier channels, integrate future acquisitions to one centralized platform and provide corporate-wide analytics across multiple function groups. Intelligent Audit’s freight audit and payment solution, titled i360a, helped them to reduce the freight cost at a run rate of 18.5 percent and achieve first year savings target in just over three months.

Intelligent Audit provides the most robust online cost management product associated with freight. Their solution has over 750 different reports than can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. The analytics, carrier management, dedication to loss and damage claims management are, among others, the key differentiating factors of Intelligent Audit.

The company is focusing on extending their footprint in North America and international markets. “Our main focus is not only to develop and grow into international markets but also to provide ability and global view on freights spend and analytics all over the world,” said Langley. The company is constantly expanding their carrier management network. “We are continually investing in new technologies to provide a platform for customers to on-board carrier partners quickly,” concludes Langley.