Emerge: Real-Time Freight Management

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Michael Leto, CEO, EmergeMichael Leto, CEO
Traditionally, shippers—including some of the most sophisticated organizations—browse many websites to check for the right freight rates and rely on Excel sheets to manage their truckloads. However, the advent of cutting-edge technologies in the freight and transportation industry has brought a new wave of revolution in the way freight activities are conducted. The modern freight revolution brings a seismic change by offering shippers new tools such as real-time visibility into capacity, bid management, spot protection and live-negotiating with carriers/brokers. For shippers, navigating through the complexity in transporting goods to partner locations directly impacts profitability and operational efficiency. Having gained a deep understanding of the challenges existing in today’s freight landscape, Emerge has gone the extra mile to address the decades-long freight industry challenges. “Understanding that Full Truckload (FTL) buying environments were heavily f lawed, we created Emerge to make the lives of shippers easier,” says Michael Leto, CEO of Emerge.

“For an industry that survives on razor-thin profit margins, it is imperative to build a platform that automatically manages quotes, easily helps expand your network and compares rates in real-time. We translated this dream into a reality,” comments Leto. To facilitate an ecosystem where shippers find their match with the right carriers and vendors at an agreeable price, Emerge has built its Private Freight Marketplace (PFM). At the core, the company’s uniquely designed API and EDI make vendor communication and collaboration a smooth process.

The Emerge PFM has won the hearts of thousands of shippers and carriers alike by addressing the capacity crunch on the carrier side and preventing shippers from being forced to participate in spot markets.

Understanding that Full Truckload (FTL) buying environments were heavily flawed, we created Emerge to make the lives of shippers easier

The Emerge PFM allows shippers to connect to their own carriers as well as thousands of untapped verified carriers from the Emerge network, all in one place. The easy to implement platform is helping shippers to realize 5-15 percent savings on their freight spend.

The Emerge platform also incorporates “out of route” monitoring and weather risk alert features to keep the stakeholders updated on the movement of shipments (on-time, late, in-jeopardy). In addition, the Lane Alert feature provides the searching and matching of shipments to providers that are actively servicing specific lanes. Comprising a real-time chat feature that allows providers (carriers, brokers and forwarders) as well as shippers to engage in live chat, the Emerge platform eliminates the time inefficiencies and disorganization of communicating via email and phone. Emerge also caters to the various customization needs of their clients through personalized dashboard views and notifications. What makes Emerge stand out from the competition is the inclusive characteristic of its web-based platform to aggregate multiple parties in real-time and the immediacy with which they are onboarded to the platform.

Emerge continues to improve buying decisions for executives, shippers, brokers, as well as carriers. With a mission to offer delightful experiences, the firm takes feedback from customers and accordingly makes the necessary enhancements in its platform. All their hard work is ref lected in the impressive amount of shippers and carriers already relying on the PFM to drive savings and increase operational efficiencies.