Synchrogistics: Fueling the Logistics Chain with 'Visibility'

Bill Jackson, Founder & President, SynchrogisticsBill Jackson, Founder & President
After experiencing a low coverage and high costs for shipments, a shipper saved over half a million dollars in just the first year of their contract with Synchrogistics—a Greensboro-based 3PL service provider. Synchrogistics implemented a modern logistics infrastructure and helped the client achieve a coverage rate of 99 percent, up from its earlier rate of under 75 percent. The resulting benefit was an increase in customer shipments due to the ability to promise and deliver on-time delivery at competitive prices. “Most CIOs and top management executives I’ve met had sour experiences after trying some variant of freight management, as the level of support could not live up to the promised efficiency,” says Bill Jackson, Founder and President of Synchrogistics. Powering middle market manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies, Synchrogistics is on a mission to rapidly integrate different modes of transportation into a cohesive data-driven picture and reduce freight costs.

Synchrogistics brings extensive industry experience in implementing cloud-based TL, LTL, and freight spend analysis and solutions, and specializes in managing complex supply chains. The company uses EDI and API interfaces that streamline communications combined with proprietary reporting capabilities based upon Mr. Jackson’s financial and consulting career.

“My background in investment banking and turnaround consulting has allowed me to focus Synchrogistics on a quantitative approach to solving problems,” says Mr. Jackson. “I have implemented complex technology and process solutions in stressful situations, and Synchrogistics applies those lessons on a daily basis with clients. We implement projects rapidly and on-time, and then we measure success clearly for our clients.”

We invest continuously in developing the TMS capabilities based on the best practices that we learn from our exposure to clients across the spectrum

Synchrogistics offers clients the ability to put all of their freight spend under one roof—including small parcel, LTL, truckload, or expedited. Paving the way for proactive supply chain management, Synchrogistics provides KPIs and reliable metrics that assist clients to tactically and strategically enhance their freight execution. Carrier scorecards and end-to-end performance factors for on-time pick-up and delivery, production/manufacturing, and inventory management ensure complete visibility and control. Integrating with clients’ ERP systems allows Synchrogistics to take manual work out of the process.

“We invest continuously in developing TMS capabilities based on the best practices learned from our exposure to clients across the spectrum of modes, industries and countries,” explains Mr. Jackson. Synchrogistics’ bundled TMS offering allows it to consolidate all freight expenditures and negotiate lower pricing at better payment terms with reliable carriers, creating scale that allows vendors to lower costs. The company offers round-the-clock shipment tracking along with exceptional reporting capabilities that can be downloaded easily to excel or pdf formats.

Synchrogistics’s freight management group has established proficiency in the print, construction materials and furniture industries due to the need for strong expedited options. For instance, “our print customers know that saving $25 on a shipment is no good if their Sunday inserts arrive on Monday,” illustrates Jackson. To that end, Synchrogistics knows how best to allocate shipments to carriers who can get the job done on time.

“Within business, the way to win loyal clients is to find their pain point and fix it,” states Bill. Bringing his rich expertise—of working in freight spend reduction for shippers and fleet optimization for carriers—to the table, Jackson believes in remaining involved in every implementation that Synchrogistics undertakes. Over and above, Synchrogistics combines its freight management software prowess with training, talent, and real world experience to bring an industry-best solution to clients who save big.