Silver Bullet Technologies: Unique Solutions for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics...

Silver Bullet Technologies: Unique Solutions for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry

Marcia Dorer, Director Business Services, Silver Bullet TechnologiesMarcia Dorer, Director Business Services
As a result of industry consolidation, global forwarding and 3PL operations today have become increasingly complex requiring advanced system functionality and flexibility. Logistics software solutions must include efficient access to ocean and air carrier portals, customs brokerage, CBP processing, denied party screening and more. And, these solutions must be scalable with an easy to use interface, and comply with country specific accounting, tax and trade regulations.

Silver Bullet Technologies is a logistics business software provider serving international forwarders, 3PL’s, NVOCC’s and related operators. Marcia Dorer, Business Services Director at Silver Bullet Technologies explains their evolution. “We designed and developed a modular, comprehensive, and adaptable logistics business software platform for this market. Logistics customers can deploy the functionality that is specific to their service platform and, when appropriate, add modules that support additional services.” The company offers customers access to its proprietary database structure and schema which enables integration throughout the business partner ecosystem. “Customers can develop their own integrations and applications or rely on us to do that,” adds Dorer.

Silver Bullet is a long standing Gold Certified Microsoft Applications Developer that provides real time integrations with the Microsoft Dynamics financial accounting systems. Most competitors include basic, proprietary general ledger functionality in their offerings. According to Dorer, that is a weakness that global players must avoid. “It baffles me when companies decide to trust their financial accounting to systems that don’t meet these standards and can’t support due diligence when a business may be bought, sold or combined.”

With the Silver Bullet solutions, firms can act strategically because the Silver Bullet suite can be tailored to meet the needs of their most demanding customers.

We empower our clients with the tools to astonish their customers with extraordinary service

“Our solutions offer advanced configurability at the tools level to incorporate any particular business process,” explains Dorer. This allows customers to be self-sufficient and manage their own requirements. Dorer thinks this is essential for enterprise level organizations. “Companies should not be compromising their business process in order to accommodate a software solution. On the contrary, the software solution should allow the logistics provider to differentiate itself quickly and efficiently in the market.” That explains why the solutions from Silver Bullet Technologies are frameworks and not rigid systems for processing and controlling quotation, documentation, communication, compliance, customer service, accounting, management, and reporting responsibilities. Clients deploy only the modules appropriate for their business benefiting from right sized functionality and configured according to their specific requirements. Logistics companies need to be able to compete with the top players who have their own internal software development teams. “Enterprises need to be self-sufficient but also must have the confidence that they can count on their technology partner to customize the application as their needs change,” says Dorer. But, Silver Bullet is more nimble than these system departments who are slowed with multiple priorities and too many ‘internal’ customers. Therefore, a software modification or integration that takes the software development department at UPS, FEDEX or DHL, weeks or months to perform, can be accomplished in days by Silver Bullet.

For an industry in motion, Silver Bullet is making a huge difference for their clients with the advanced functionality in their solutions. The decision to focus on business operations and leave financial accounting to Microsoft allowed the company to excel with logistics process automation. “We empower our clients with the tools to astonish their customers with extraordinary service. Our simple user experience is an elegant solution to very complicated processes,” concludes Dorer.