ShippersEdge: Fueling Success through Full Featured, Multi-carrier Shipping Software

ShippersEdge: Fueling Success through Full Featured, Multi-carrier Shipping Software

Tom Taylor,  CEO, ShippersEdgeTom Taylor, CEO
Due to the increase in the demand of on-time delivery of products, shippers need to implement an efficient freight management system, which allows planning for the transport of raw materials and finished goods. “In such a scenario, organizations extensively demand software for convergence of rich multi-modal and e-commerce operations,” says Tom Taylor, CEO, ShippersEdge. Shippers are extensively working with freight management software providers while others are seeking help from 3PLs. Burnsville, MN-based ShippersEdge, comes to the fore to address the need through their cloud-based TMS systems. “We provide a high-functioning cloud-based TMS system that utilizes an array of methods to connect with our customer’s systems, carriers and their trading partners,” adds Taylor.

The company provides multi-carrier shipping and logistics software for less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) with scalability from a single user to large enterprises. “We are empowering customers by providing flexible product suite along with short implementation timelines,” notes Taylor. Providing a complete transportation software tool, the ShippersEdge shipping software suite includes a number of valuable features for both TL and LTL carrier operations. The company’s freight software offers shipment routing, rate quoting and tendering process solutions. In the area of tracking, the company utilizes various APIs, which tracks LTL carriers as well as uses 3PLs for satellite tracking. Similarly, the company’s rating and quote management component generates and stores quotes, which are compatible with carriers including UPS, FedEx, and Conway.

In addition, ShippersEdge shipment routing and tendering module allows clients to arrange shipment pickups in a matter of seconds or less along with automated creation of shipping documentation. “Our shipment routing and tendering solutions resolves the issues of freight capacity and delivery requirements for organizations,” adds Taylor. The company’s shipping software also accounts for damage and loss claims, manages the coordination of business processes at multiple locations with its multi-carrier shipping software application.

We are empowering customers by providing a flexible product suite along with short implementation timelines

“We believe freight loss and damaged claim is one of the most under-managed areas for organizations,” says Taylor. “Our system helps organizations solve the issue by creating awareness of the claimed situation, allowing to track shipments and explain the process.”

Moreover, ShippersEdge’s Freight Bill Audit and Management software enables organizations to handle their freight invoices easily, rapidly and more accurately. “The key features of our freight bill auditing software are collaboration and visibility throughout the approval process within an organization,” adds Taylor.

In one such instance, a large international publishing organization was facing issue with their TMS system, which could not give significant visibility into their departed orders. The organization was in need of a more valuable way to manage and identify exceptions, while providing effective follow up feedback to their customers. “We were able to take their data on a daily download basis, create the connections with the carriers, and algorithms that will anticipate based upon many variable and shipment stacks,” explains Taylor. “We also provided them with the knowledge of delayed shipments and they could feed the same information to their customer service department.” The organization also earned the benefits of reducing the number of staff members, involved in the freight management process by 20 percent, while improving customer satisfaction immensely.

Placing key importance on rapid deployment and flexibility, the company’s software can be implemented within a short duration to suite any client’s needs. “Our programmers work very closely with clients and fulfills their needs efficiently,” says Taylor. Growing organically, ShippersEdge will continue to help various customers globally. “We will also look for investment in other modes of transportation by leveraging the latest technologies,” concludes Taylor.