R2 Logistics: Improving Logistics with Data Reporting

Frank Dreischarf, VP of Supply Chain Solutions, R2 LogisticsFrank Dreischarf, VP of Supply Chain Solutions
As businesses grow increasingly focused on optimizing their supply chain operations, logistics service providers are under tremendous pressure to enhance productivity and control costs through transportation management systems. While the industry reinforces the operational dynamics of contractual transportation to expand the productivity horizons, a multitude of transportation entities is significantly functioning on inefficient models of managing their transportation spend. Unaware of their expenditure on inbound transportation, outbound transportation, inner plant and spend by mode, these small and mid-sized contractual transportation organizations do not have enough resources to accommodate a managed transportation group to deal with the concerns of evaluating extra costs. In order to facilitate efficient logistics solutions to this widely underserved market of small and mid-sized shippers, R2 Logistics developed its proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS).

Built from a shipper’s perspective, R2’s TMS system is a cloud-based solution that specifically targets the inefficiencies of managing transportation spend through its unique reporting capabilities. Unlike other TMSs, R2’s platform eliminates the requirement for an overview analyst to understand and segregate the data points. The platform provides the customer with robust reporting, dashboards and an interactive mobile KPI report enabling the shipper to receive and have access to all of their freight cost and service reporting in real time accessible through the device of their choice. Frank Dreischarf, VP of Supply Chain Solutions, R2 Logistics, states, “Our system can easily connect with the shippers’ and carriers’ ERP systems via API or EDI while also supporting shippers who are operating manually.”

In addition to the standard reporting packages offered by R2, the company also provides customized reporting for its customers. The system also allows itself to be used as a reporting and data aggregator for the customers using other TMSs. The R2 TMS takes the information from the pre-installed TMS of the customer and provides interactive reporting and customer reporting on top of it and in line with the client’s requirement. “This provides significant productivity to the client’s transportation analyst and allows him to utilize this reporting to analyze their freight,” adds Dreischarf.

Our system can easily connect with the shippers’ and carriers’ ERP systems via API or EDI while also supporting shippers who are operating manually

Illustrating the success stories of R2’s engagements, Dreischarf cites a case study of one of the customers who had their manufacturing plants across North America. Before getting R2 onboard, the manufacturing firm hadn’t employed any TMS solution to effectively manage their freight spend. R2 stepped in with its TMS platform to give them visibility across their entire network of transportation process and enabled them to reduce their expedite spending by 90 percent.

Started as a truckload brokerage supporting tier 1 automotive, today R2 Logistics is a full-service 3PL catering primarily to automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, heavy industrials and CPG industries. With around 20 percent of its daily volume constituting the same day emergency and expedite shipments, the company continues to layer on service on the technology side that allows our customers to gain greater visibility across their supply chain spend. Setting a record-breaking revenue growth last year, R2 Logistics’ growth has been remarkably robust and is consequent of its service performance with not only the new customers but also its existing customers. “We are very focused on our growth for the next few years, and we see a ton of opportunity to help companies become more educated and gain visibility to parts of their business that have forever been hidden,” concludes Dreischarf.