MyFreightWorld: Making Freight Management Coherent and Precise

Kevin Childress, CEO & President, MyFreightWorldKevin Childress, CEO & President
It is no secret that effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) contributes in extending advantage to businesses. Freight management, an integral part of SCM, entails accurate real time information for best resource allocation and inventory management. Though freight management companies strive to be in tandem with technological advances, they fail to utilize the flair of internet technology. Technological restrictions and cultural issues are hindrances in adoption and implementation of latest trends. Again, the conventional method of freight management, which is inclusive of human involvement, is prone to errors. Thus, flawless carrier management in real time and correct decision making for appropriate investments in technology, have become uphill tasks for freight management companies.

MyFreightWorld, headquartered in Overland Park, KS, was founded in 2000 with resolve to expunge human error in freight management. The company has built an affordable online transportation management system, which avoids human intervention as far as possible and user receives quotes, tenders to the selected carrier, and tracks shipment and bills in real time. Application Programming Interface (API) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), integrals to the solutions, enable the user to locate the consignment in real time. With API and EDI running in the background, the solution records parameters such as shipment’s origin and destination, content, real time location and generates data sets. “We never had sample size large enough to forecast sectorial oscillations,” says Kevin Childress, CEO and President, MyFreightWorld. MyFreightWorld wields power of big data to analyze the customer behavior and industry mood based on received data streams. The solution is cloud based and thus confers it with stability, accessibility, and scalability. “The usage of cloud is highly profitable for us as it allowed us to update our solution with scalability and inexpensiveness,” Childress counts utility of cloud for his company. Banking on its data rich and cloud based platform, recently, the company launched ShipX, a direct carrier-freighting model. ShipX (shipxfreight.com) provides direct online carrier quotes and booking facility to the user.

MyFreightWorld is attentive to hi-tech trends and has incorporated new technologies in solutions to contribute versatile and economical options

Taking into account MyFreightWorld’s experience in serving logistics majors with cost effective applications, six big players in the industry have chosen the company as vendor so far. Recently, MyFreightWorld acquired a large customer from the cable and internet sector. The client had decentralized supply chain, which was confusing and causing unwanted cash outflow. Based on the ability to provide its cost effective solution, MyFreightWorld was the preferred choice. The company tied the supply chain of client and suppliers with its own transportation management system. The solution could keep track of shipments, orders and bills in real time and it halted the wastage of money and ensured better delivery time.

To come up with the solutions for logistics problems of great magnitude, the company is investing in cloud technology. “MyFreightWorld is attentive to hi-tech trends and has incorporated new technologies in solutions to contribute versatile and economical options,” says Childress. The leadership aspires to make MyFreightWorld one stop shop for freight management. Maintaining high standards of customer service, providing trustworthy service and building a quality customer base are the parameters set by the company’s management. The company has established its presence in the U.S. with the network of agents. Customer friendly, bigger, technology driven, more functional are the keywords set in the policy for the next five years. As error free real time tracking and delivery are becoming norms in freight management, MyFreightWorld is set to play a bigger role in the realm in the days to come.