MGN Logistics Inc: Novel Freight Management System for Small and Medium Enterprises

MatThew Telesca, President & CEO, MGN Logistics IncMatThew Telesca, President & CEO
Industries are revolved around fetching staples and creating quality end products to be profitable. Oftentimes, companies fail to cognize that higher Return on Investment (ROI) can be accomplished by identifying the most effective options for selling and shipping the goods—transportation. The ever evolving transportation landscape keeps curtailing industries to navigate the variables effecting shipping decisions. By converting raw data into actionable information, a company can reduce shipping cost and improve its transportation yield. However, Transportation Management Software (TMS) systems remain alfresco to SMBs due to high-cost-demanding implementations. With nearly four decades of experience, MGN headquartered at Easton, PA delivers a robust and integrated logistics solution to address all the complexities, faced today, by SMBs.

MGN software provides dynamic benchmarking tools that quickly identify trends and patterns in analytics. The cloud-based computing enterprise uses extension charting and visualization tools to simplify the presentation of key data and provides scalable pricing models with simplified implementation. “We allow companies to focus on their core competency, while we take away the pressure without having to be the expert in the transportation industry,” says Matthew Telesca, President and CEO, MGN Logistics. Smaller business has access to TMS to improve freighting management, which grants controlled access that experiences automated carrier tracking with a real-time price interpretation. An instance that proves the efficiency of the software is that it allows clients to compare pre-negotiated shipping rates with real time market rates. When market conditions change quickly, MGN’s cost analysis and the carrier data allows users to identify the best choice for each shipment. Hence, companies can improve on their shipping functionalities such as rate negotiation, analysis, carrier selection, consolidation, load optimization, and freight tracking.

We allow companies to focus on their core competency, while we take away the pressure without having to be the expert in the transportation industry

MGN Logistics’ web-based freight management application leverages their clients’ experience by a customizable reporting dashboard. The freight management solution is developed using a sound system life cycle methodology and transportation management expertise. It delivers rate confirmation, bill of lading, proactive shipment tracking, proof of delivery, detailed invoicing, freight claims management, and discrepancy resolution based on current industry regulations.

MGN Logistics also invigorates the Freight Management industry through a proprietary TMS solution— ‘Logisticsquote’; including analytics, payment, mode optimization, and freight auditing. Enterprises can customize workload through built-in features, which are designed specifically for the companies’ operational needs to meliorate ROI. The rich XML and SOAP based API alleviates any bi-directional access and integrates other systems without any hassle. MGN Logistics software is compatible with Internet Explorer 6x and Mozilla Firefox 3x. Other services they provide are audit reconciliation, forecast trends, supply chain management, vendor inbound and reverse logistics, freight invoice auditing and payment, scheduling, dispatching, tracking and tracing, claims management, and document management. Their modes of transportations include Truckload, LTL, Ocean, Air, Rail, Intermodal, and Parcel to ensure seamless cosmopolitan transportation.

Being recognized as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America by Inc website, they continue to focus on customers’ delight and look into the new features and capability to scale up the technology. In addition, MGN’s mission does not confine for creating more streamlined solutions to freight, but it also concentrate on transforming the entire process of logistics. “Our ultimate goal is to wide-spread the cloud-based system available to all SMBs to increase the efficiency of overall supply chain at low cost,” extols Telesca.