Intellect Technologies: Meeting Comprehensive Demands with Cost-effective Solutions

Intellect Technologies: Meeting Comprehensive Demands with Cost-effective Solutions

Sri Himakuntala, CEO, Intellect TechnologiesSri Himakuntala, CEO
Economic shifts and demographic growth has ongoing effects on the expansion of the freight industry. Subsequently, the Logistics and Supply chain industry traditionally has grown through mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth. Some vendors today are capable of supplying software solutions that are helping logistics firms to be more agile and competitive. In addition to the normal disruptions in the world of logistics, a variety of challenges such as accelerated software obsolescence and replacement costs, changing compliance requirements, and fluctuating freight levels continue to apply pressure on the Logistics Services Provider market. In order to ensure ongoing competitive standing for data handling, EDI, and compliance issues, many LSP organizations are partnering with application vendors who can deliver updated compliance, operations flexibility, system maintenance and product support. New Jersey-based Intellect Technologies is offering industry leading software solutions which allow easy customization of features for each customer while delivering global capabilities and the ability to tailor the look and feel even to the location level.

Leveraging the latest technologies in the market, Intellect Technologies provides efficient solutions that help customers establish standard workflows, optimize performance and maintain operational flexibility. The company’s solutions are completely web-based, and can be accessed via web browser from any device with internet access. “We’ve created our solutions as “hub” applications that are fully e-commerce enabled and can be connected with any other data source or destination,” says Himakuntala. Intellect Technologies’ Intellect eFreight system helps clients manage their operational procedures and eliminates the inefficiencies of entering data multiple times. “Being a single data base design, data entered into Intellect eFreight doesn’t require duplicate entry,” says Himakuntala. Data can be handled manually or via Electronic Data Interchange. Additionally, each customer can configure workflows and processes for import/export/air/ocean as per their requirements. “Intellect eFreight is feature rich, designed to handle the most complex transactions,” asserts Himakuntala.

We have created our solutions as “hub” applications that are fully e-commerce enabled and can be connected with any other data source or destination

Likewise, Intellect Technologies also serves the Maritime Carrier market with Intellect eShip. Intellect eShip supports varying service needs for cargo such as containers, dry bulk, break bulk, projects, and ro-ro amongst others. “The greater flexibility designed into Intellect eFreight or Intellect eShip provides our customers the ability to use it as is “out of the box” or configure it specifically to satisfy their most effective procedures,” extols Himakuntala. Apart from delivering such comprehensive products, Intellect Technologies is a full service provider of professional expertise. The firm provides a broad range of services in project and application management, technical operations support, consulting and training.

The combination of Intellect’s feature rich applications along with its domain experts and IT professionals helps to provide customers with a unique competitive advantage to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global market. For instance, one of Intellect’s customers who is focused on clients in the apparel industry had the need for an EDI capable Purchase Order Management solution. Intellect designed a module to satisfy the unique demands of handling apparel and other commodities and integrated it fully throughout the Intellect eFreight application. It allowed the customer to earn favored service vendor status with their clients.

Intellect has made a strategic decision to develop solutions that are suitable for Logistics Service Providers of all sizes. “Because of our strategic approach to offer custom solutions to our customers, the Intellect products will intentionally remain in a “growth” stage going forward,” says Himakuntala. “We expect that as we service each customer, our adaptability to support new markets and trends will increase exponentially and provide significant added value to our entire customer base.”