GTMS: BI for Optimizing Freight Management

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Carl Berntson, VP Operations, GTMSCarl Berntson, VP Operations
Often, in the freight management space, companies expect that their shipments be delivered on time, always. However, the failure of scheduled shipments repeatedly leads to damages and losses which hugely impacts business revenue and deters customer confidence. In this mix, several manual processes only further complicate matters as today’s modern, tech-savvy customers demand fast and seamless services. Hence, in the ever-changing market place, it is essential for companies to detect the potential red f lags in their shipping processes and comprehend the basic anomalies to optimize the cost. This is where Bluffdale-based Global Transportation Management Solutions (GTMS) can help. The firm brings business intelligence to all facets of transportation and enables organizations to optimize data management and improve shipping efficiency.

“Our web-based solution is designed to help clients manage logistics more optimally in order to improve shipping efficiency and control costs,” says Carl Berntson, VP Operations, GTMS. The solution enables organizations to customize it according to their business needs for supplementing all the facets of shipping operations and enhancing visibility throughout the logistics process with minimal capital investment. To create a more comprehensive picture of the firm’s capabilities, Berntson explains the three key points for optimizing costs during the shipment process. Firstly, the firm analyzes how the customers’ orders, accuracy, and time are impacting the shipping costs. Secondly, GTMS examines the cost improvement scenarios that can be done without bringing any elemental changes in the existing operations. Lastly, the firm checks if the carriers are providing the desired results to the customers with regards to customer delivery density for future savings.

The firm brings business intelligence to all facets of transportation and enables organizations to optimize data management and improve shipping efficiency

Also, before implementing a solution, GTMS analyzes the current technology the client has deployed. “Once we understand their requisites, we deploy our proprietary technology that can give them to derive the desired results,” adds Berntson.

The firm also provides a Post- Data Shipping Optimization system that enables companies to precisely determine the best practices for all transportation modes and carriers. Next, the other proprietary offering— transportation management system (TMS)—aids companies in routing shipments with its warehouse management systems. “With TMS, we mold specific carriers for our clients and set specific criteria for parcels, weights, freight forwarders, LTL, and truckload shipments.”

Under the leadership of Berntson, GTMS has continually scaled to great heights—excelling in the freight management space. The firm always tries to understand the pain points of its clients and subsequently deploys best-in-class technology to aid them in reaching their business goals. GTMS also has around 128 associate certifications, and any transfer of data is done through a stringent and secured connection.

In one instance, the firm assisted an Arizona-based client to reduce its overall transportation spending by 23 percent. “By deploying the right technology, we aided the firm to reduce cubic charges by 100,000 dollars, which is by any means a staggering achievement,” explains Berntson. Going ahead, the firm intends to expand its territory on a global scale and constantly excel in the freight management space. To this end, the firm has doubled its size in the last 24 months through continually aiding companies in reaching their business goals. “We are working with companies who are lacking fundamental tech advancements and optimization strategies. Right now there is a lack of visibility in the market, and our primary goal is providing international standard services to our clients,” concludes Berntson.