Data2Logistics: Business Intelligence Portal Integrates Global Logistics Information

Harold B. Friedman, Sr. V.P. Global Corporate Development, Data2LogisticsHarold B. Friedman, Sr. V.P. Global Corporate Development
Today, the freight management landscape is challenging shippers with the bombardment of options and touted solutions. On a daily basis CIOs deal with issues related to capturing, organizing, and analyzing data that is needed to sustain their business, with better transportation decisions and improve end-user experience at lower costs. Many global organizations have multiple databases for analyzing different sources of information. They face difficulties in assimilating and monitoring the shipping information by geographic region, country, and location. Resolving the challenges, Fort Myers, Florida-based Data2Logistics assists Fortune 1000 and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing accurate freight auditing, cost allocation, business intelligence, consultancy, payment, and supply chain finance services.

Data2Logistics operates on a vision that allows clients to focus on their strengths to manage and grow their business. Data2Logistics performs the tactical execution of customers’ freight invoice processing and payment and delivers strategic insight into their shipping patterns and carrier utilization. In addition, the firm specializes in proffering analytics to help their clients craft more informed transportation decisions. “We specifically focus on tighter integration with our clients’ shipping systems and growth of their data warehouse requirements,” says Harold B. Friedman, SVP, Global Corporate Development.

The firm’s Data2Inform web based BI and reporting solution, feeds files and information into the customers’ ERP. The tool also serves as a single source of global information for all modes of transportation. This includes access to standard reports, ad-hoc reports, and the visibility to actionable information that clients require. “Clients appreciate receiving alerts when there are changes in trends, opportunities for service or modal shifts, carrier performance report cards, and utilization of preferred vs. non-preferred carriers,” explains Friedman.

Data2Logistics operates on the vision that allows their clients to focus primarily on their strengths to manage and grow their business

Through this tool, our customer can access reports based on three reporting criteria paid bills, work in process transactions, and bills aging to terms. Additionally, Data2Inform is packed with features that help build custom dashboards, reports and graphics, include summary or detailed data elements, filter on any data element, and create custom groups.

Data2Logistics helps clients with their expertise in monitoring delivery performance. Where packages are not delivered on time, the company recovers shipping charges as a result of service failures. Friedman highlights an instance, “where one of our analysts identified many Saturday and early morning shipments were undeliverable to the consignee because they were either not open by 8 AM or on Saturday.” Bringing this matter to our client’s attention, they made a service shift and eliminated the cost of these premium services. In another situation Data2Logistics’ reporting identified multiple outbound shipments sent to the client’s customer in the same cities on the same day. Bringing this matter to the client’s attention allowed them to significantly reduce costs by negotiating bundled pricing for the carrier’s services.

“Through our Professional Services team, we offer our clients tools and services to support their transportation operations that include benchmarking, RFP support, contract control, network analysis, and routing guide compliance,” says Friedman.

Data2Logistics invests over 7.5 percent of its annual revenue in technology based on their continuous improvement philosophy. Their clients appreciate when they introduce services like single sign on (SSO) that strengthens controls and makes accessing their web based tools easier. “Our technology roadmap includes plans to augment our global processing features as we make enhancements in our data center and network infrastructure that will further enhance our flexibility,” concludes Friedman.