CTSI-Global: A Sophisticated Platform for Freight Audit and Payment

CIO VendorKen Hazen President & CEO
For long, organizations in the logistics sector relied solely on large chunks of data stored in the form of paper reports. Today, their billing procedures involve extensive use of Big Data tools and analytics that help integrate relevant reports into ERP system and other sources. However, many companies seem to have retained traditional methods in their auditing, pre-payment, planning, and benchmarking procedures where they end up dealing with large volumes of data. With a vision to help companies gain visibility on freight payments, inventory turnover, billing, and reporting, CTSI-Global delivers an effective range of freight audit and payment solutions alongside its repertoire of offerings—TMS, BI, and consulting. The firm’s audit and payment process which is built in a sophisticated platform helps capture data that are in various formats and also processes bills from over thousands carriers worldwide.

The platform also manages bill requirements that are based on unique data set and requirements. Additionally, the solution enables clients in contract management, data capture, audit and analysis, cost allocation, exception management, payment processing, and increasing the return on investment (ROI). “Be it data which is in the form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDIFACT, paper spreadsheet, flat file, and Online Data Entry (ODE), our solution not only captures data on freight bills and ancillary documents but also statistically analyzes their quality,” states Ken Hazen, President and CEO, CTSI-Global.

CTSI-Global's Freight Audit and Payment software is also useful in aiding customers with compliance as well as manage rates and track agents. The software identifies the carrier, the client, and verifies the data by cross referring to Bill of Lading (BOL) and other files specific to the customers. It also applies a complete General Ledger Code allocation and audits the bill. While auditing, the solution assesses the authenticity of the shipment to avoid unauthorized shipment, duplicate billing, and late deliveries.

Our software is created to give our customers the complete control over their entire supply chain

“Our software is created to give our customers the complete control over their entire supply chain,” remarks Hazen. “The BOL, Purchase Order (PO), Manifest and other shipment files within the platform add an extra security and audit when matched to freight bills.”

A vast number of clients of CTSI-Global are 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) companies who have been benefited by the firm’s solutions that bestow them the flexibility of a system that audits bills, calculates, and creates charges. “Our rate engines can also effectively audit and catch the slightest of overcharges,” beams Hazen. “Furthermore, we provide benchmark and comparison analysis to ensure users get the lowest rate possible with the best service.”

Alongside the unique features and capabilities, the CTSI-Global’s platform assures that data is securely stored for advanced and intelligent reporting. “Our tools break down trends, compare options across customers’ network, and optimize data to highlight improvement opportunities,” asserts Hazen. In addition, the firm's extensive freight audit and payment process gives a unique visibility into the market and leverage economies of all scale.

In one instance, CTSI-Global helped Molex, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, to streamline their freight audit and payment process. “By vastly reducing the client's manual processes, we enabled Molex to reduce paperwork,” extols Hazen. The client was able to efficiently manage freight payment process and drill down into business intelligence data, helping them prevent damages and delays. The success stories stand as a testament to functionality and vast applicability of CTSI-Global’s solutions in ironing out complexities in freight audit and payment processes. The company already has established a global footprint with six offices across four countries and plans to forge forward by improvising their existing solutions and also exploring the technology market to enhance the platform’s user experience.