ATA Freight: A Personalized Logistics Partner

ATA Freight: A Personalized Logistics Partner

CIO VendorMatt Goker, COO
Since its inception, ATA Freight has evolved from an international freight forwarder to one of the global providers of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions. In recent years, “We see a dramatic change in the environment within logistics industry—an environment with expanding number of nodes in the shipper distribution networks, aimed at reducing delivery time to customers from days to hours,”expresses Matt Goker, COO, ATA Freight. Organizations are demanding an efficient freight management system in order to optimize this distribution network, improve customer service and generate cost savings.

“While most providers focus on conventional solutions that require continuous investment of client's time and resources, ATA Freight carries a different approach, aimed at contributing to the customer’s decision by providing complete transparency into their logistics planning,” adds Goker. ATA Freight’s Vizio MyWay system is specifically designed to enable proactive management of shipments through improved, end-to-end visibility into their inventory, order and shipment status; as well as dynamic, and intelligent exception alerting.This web-based shipment management solution is developed by the joint efforts of ATA Freight’s in-house R&D unit, CATI - Center for Advanced Technologies and Innovation and Vizio Software Solutions divisions. Vizio MyWay is capable of handling a variety of tasks—from real time PO level tracking to order planning, shipments scheduling and event management, as well as generating reports based on users’ requirements.

While bringing inan inevitable transformation to the logistics industry, ATA Freight’s key differentiating factor, Goker says, "Lies in developing pragmatic solutions—especially in the challenging information management arena." ATA Freight has developed a wide range of information management services, employing advanced analysis and modeling tools to evaluate the breadth of options against identified cost and service objectives. The best example is ATA Freight’s proprietary predictive engine, which powers Vizio MyWay to provide users with an unprecedented level of business-critical information and predictive insight—eliminating the burden of scrutinizing innumerable pages of data.

Our mission is to combine personal attention with intelligent and predictive solutions for providing relevant insights to the clientele

ATA Freight complements Vizio MyWay with ATASOT, a proprietary interactive 3D container space optimization solution that enablescustomers to use a container to itsfull capacity, minimizing the waste. In one instance, ATA Freight enabled a VIP client to achieve major productivity gains by implementing ATASOT proprietary software. “Our space optimization team noticed opportunities for the Fortune 50 client who utilized ATASOT solution and increased the capacity usage from 62 to 84 percent, dramatically reducing the overall logistics spend,” affirms Goker. MyWay also comes with a dedicated virtual assistant—Soul, which knows the customers and their individual needs. “Soul is available on all our platforms, including our smartphone and smartwatch apps,” asserts Goker.

“While we leverage the advanced capabilities of our information tools to create plug and play solutions, we always carry our unique sense of personal touch for each customers,” adds Goker. Established in 2005, ATA Freight’s highly acknowledged Customer Service Program—ATACares provides individual attention to the customers by conducting regular meetings on business reviews;how to anticipate and adapt to the changing environment, as well as alerts on latest industry happenings. “Our premier goal is to make every customera partner and be an extension of their company. We do that by tailoringa personalized savings plan in return for their business with us,” states Goker.

Forging ahead, ATA Freight’s key ambition is to become a top 50 3PL logistics company by 2026, and its entire personnel is working tirelessly to make this a reality. “As for technological advancements, our proprietary operational software—Vizio will receive a major overhaul in 2017— and will be integrated with all our software capabilities on a single three tier architecture platform for both internal and external users,” concludes Goker.