Aljex Software: Pioneering Cloud-based Freight Management

Aljex Software: Pioneering Cloud-based Freight Management

The Port of South Louisiana welcomes a heaving cargo container ship every few hours—staggering in from the sea. Tugboats take command of the ships at the mouth of the harbor—guiding them into the port. The decks are filled with containers and within minutes of docking, they are shifted from the ships to the trucks. The port’s gates are opened for the trucks now to roar in and roar out with the bundles of freight towards its destination. A central port computer is conveyed the digitized data about the load which the truck will be carrying—as it starts for its destination. Within seconds, the driver's beeper is paged by the computer, sending instructions for where to drop the truck's load, including the route. The real heavy lifting happens down here! Amidst the grunting trucks and heaving cranes of cut-rate economy class, the real freight management begins. With methods to manage freight in a better way, Alijex Software, today is one of the key players in the landscape, bringing the benefits of their powerful software to thousands across the globe. By providing third party logistics providers (3PLs) with high-power cloud-based TMS software, Aljex Software creates the tools to succeed for brokers, 3PLs, and carriers.

Tom Heine, CEO, Aljex Software incorporated the firm in April, 1995 to provide innovative, cloud-based software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Today, Aljex Software provides smart, intuitive software and business systems for freight brokers, carriers, 3PLs, rail inter-modal companies, airfreight forwarders, and container draymen. “We began providing automation and efficiency as brokers for our shipper customers. Now as software providers, we are doing that for our broker customers,” states Heine. At present, Aljex software works over the Internet and is ready to use anywhere, anytime from any Web-connected computer. Data is always up to date, always protected, always backed up, and always available. In addition, the hosted Aljex software provides profitable opportunities for innovative service, collaboration, and business development.

Transport Management System for Freight Brokers

Aljex enables third party logistics providers (3PL’s) with high-power cloud-based TMS (Transport Management System) software. The firm’s clients are currently handling over $3.5 billion in combined annual sales using their system.

Some of the key features of their TMS software include Google Map Based Dispatch, Freight Bill Audit & Payment, Automatic Load Tendering, Document Imaging, Electronic Billing & Payments Hosting and Backups, Unlimited Training & Support LTL, Parcel and TL Quoting, and Shipment Execution. The freight management element of the software links shippers and suppliers with their 3PLs, allowing for the exchange of information in one place.

We treat our clients and our employees as we would want to be treated. As a result we get most percent of our new clients from referrals

A 3PL broker can set up limited password access for a customer and its vendors. The system lets each party provide key information, eliminating data reentry errors associated with working by telephone. Brokers, carriers and other transportation providers can use Aljex even if they don't rely on Aljex for their transportation-management system. Loads generated in Aljex Inbound are automatically transferred to the user's software via electronic data interchange.

The Differentiator

Aljex’s TMS system is built-in with Crowd Improving methodology, where the system gets updated on the go based on customer feedback. The firm has hundreds of clients—all with ideas to improve their system. As one client is helped to improve their process, the system is improved for others as well. The “Crowd Improving” accelerates development and makes their software a rapidly evolving transportation management technology. With thousands of custom switches, Aljex can be finely customized to an organization’s specific business, and each customer benefit from the profit-driving efficiency of the software with no programming. As an organization’s business changes, it only takes a click of the mouse to add a new feature or mode or permission.

Furthermore, Aljex lets its clients customize hundreds of reports to help them make strategic decisions quickly and efficiently. Also, the software's accounting dashboard provides summaries and streamlined reports to help an organization in making informed decisions for their business quickly.

Because of Alijex’s large cloud client base, the firm is able to provide the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of an installed system. Their clients get daily and weekly updates and upgrades, all included in their monthly subscription cost. “We have earned tremendous loyalty from our customers and employees. Many of our original customers from 1995 are still with us. Many of our employees have been with us for 10-20 years. We treat our clients and our employees as we would want to be treated.

As a result, we get most of our new clients from referrals,” informs Heine.

Speed of implementation and execution of the software is another factor that sets Aljex apart. Depending on the scope of an operation, a new Aljex client is on-boarded and trained in a few days. If an organization wants to avoid a long, drawn-out switchover, the firm provides a complete system including secure web access for employees, carriers, and customers with a set of apps built for their web site in just a few days.

"We began providing automation and efficiency as brokers for our shipper customers. Now as software providers we are doing that for our broker customers"

Furthermore, Aljex links its clients to all major load boards, EDI VAN’s, and common carriers. The software is linked to more than 40 other third party programs like Sertifi E-signatures, E-Pay Manager, and Comdata. It has also connections with thousands of companies via EDI and API, which helps the firm to proffer connections to its client base. The success of Alijex is illustrated in the quote given by Kathi C. Laughman, Director – Business System & Solutions, Crane Freight & Cartage - Crane Solutions LLC, “We value the partnership we have developed with Aljex over the past 6 years as our TMS provider. Over that time we have grown from 5 users to 200 on the system and support 25+ EDI partners covering a broad portfolio of services and industries. We have given Aljex many challenges to meet and without faltering they have risen to the occasion every time.”

23 Years and Counting

Aljex has come a long way in last 23 years. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, and in 2014 opened a second office in the technology hub of Boulder, Colo., where an additional team of Aljex developers are at work, continually improving the basic software and performing custom transportation programming for an expanding list of customers—from up-and-coming brokers to major corporate transportation operations.

The firm’s partnership with BAM, a provider of cash management and working capital solutions, has given it an edge, powering its innovative TMS software even further. Aljex and BAM’s integrated systems provide freight brokers and carriers with BAM’s end-to-end cash management solution within Aljex’s TMS for all shipments. The powerful combination of Aljex and BAM deliver value for users by proffering a seamless mechanism. So what’s next for the firm? “It’s hard to believe it has been 23 years already,” Heine said, “because in so many ways, Aljex is just getting started!”

- Shiv Shanker
    February 22, 2017