ALC Logistics: TMS Experts

Kenny Lund, VP of Operations, ALC LogisticsKenny Lund, VP of Operations
In order to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced global market, organizations are searching for ways to boost their exposure globally, cater to more customers, and have the right amount of inventory at all times. While most of these organizations approach various IT consultants for a transportation management system (TMS) that would meet their shipment requirements, software developers usually suggest the companies change to business practices that can adapt to their solutions. Kenny Lund, VP of Operations for ALC Logistics, takes a different approach toward solution delivery. He states, “We want to make the people using the system the happiest by building solutions around their business process.” With a strong commitment to clients’ satisfaction, ALC Logistics—a software division of Allen Lund Company—offers a TMS that is built to fit the transportation management needs unique to every organization.

ALC Logistics’ innovative TMS solution takes all of the guesswork out of their clients’ transportation activities. The company begins the development of their solution with an in-depth investigation of the existing business structure and understanding the internal process and workflow, covering the aspects such as the modes of transport, the flow of information within the organization, and more. “ALC Logistics then builds a TMS around the existing organizational information workflows,” says Lund. The company leverages Oracle APEX to design, develop and deploy its web-based, database-driven applications. With a focus on delivering the perfect solution, ALC Logistics works closely with the clients to match their existing business ecosystem by customizing 20 percent of its core systems. “These design inputs provided by the client ensures the software’s success with every installation. That’s our secret sauce,” explains Lund. The company also hosts each client’s solution on separate servers that allows them to ship anywhere between 100 to 10,000 loads a month with equal efficiency.

ALC Logistics builds a TMS around the existing organizational information workflows

In addition to the solution’s simplicity, ALC Logistics’ web portal can be accessed by transportation providers through mobile devices and requires a mere 30 minutes to understand the entire solution. The company also offers TMS-integrable scheduling software that allows clients to assign docks and time to carriers and enables carriers to set up their appointments within set loading parameters and time frames. This reduces the need for making numerous phone calls for setting up appointments. The extended visibility on documentation, photographs, and bills offered by this solution also helps their shipping clients to manage claims in a timely fashion, seamlessly. ALC Logistics also provides LTL clients with a simple system for monitoring extra LTL loads, and a robust complex system to better manage the complete LTL process. ALC Logistics’ solutions have been integrated with over 400 different systems for retrieving data, including software systems developed in the early 70’s.

Lund cites a case study in which they helped Trojan Battery with a tool to help them standardize a pricing strategy, maintain costs, track performance and service levels, and gain visibility. ALC Logistics introduced their system capabilities, modular-design, and pay-as-you-go pricing model as an answer to the client’s needs. The Spot Bidding tool gave the client’s transportation team the flexibility to choose a backup carrier for a load that was handed back and saves money on shipments. The built-in reporting capabilities allowed the organization to capture KPIs to qualify and realize savings, reassess metrics and improve communication through performance scorecards, and collaborate in real-time with colleagues and external providers.

Trusting in their ability to solve complex business problems with software, clients often request for customized modules within the TMS such as yard management and cross-docking programs. Having a team of experts in transportation and software development, ALC Logistics takes the focus from the software and meets every business’ transportation needs using the software as a tool.